Beyond Bullet Points

Everyone who has to present information in PowerPoint should read this book before they use PowerPoint.

Having used PowerPoint for almost 20 years I found that Beyond Bullet Points reminded me of things I am already doing and gave me some great examples of how I can do things better. If you go through this book you should also look at slide:ology.

I really enjoyed the style of this book and found it easy to read.

Contains some great examples of how not to use PowerPoint.

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My Review of slide:ology

Originally submitted at O’Reilly

The Art and Science of Creating Great Presentations

Slide Design Challenge

By Hit F1 for Help from Australia on 6/18/2012


3out of 5

Pros: Helpful examples, Well-written

Best Uses: Intermediate

Describe Yourself: Educator, Designer

I enjoyed reading this book and being challenged in how we present both our own image as a presenter and also that of the organisation we represent. Slide:ology gave me some new ideas on how to visually present content that is often complex in a simpler format. The book gives some excellent examples of before and after slide designs and how some of the big companies design their presentations. Slie:ology also gives a great insight into the fact that a great presentation is no accident and takes time to design, create and refine. This book never claims to be a book on learning PowerPoint and this is true. It is a book on how to design and layout presentations in a smarter and clearer format. The book is worth a read if you are looking to be challenged and want to improve the power of your presentation visuals.


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Review – Excel 2010 Formulas & Functions Inside Out – Amazing Reference Book on Excel

So Many Functions and So Little Time – A Great Reference Book

As someone who has used Excel for 23 years and training people in Excel for 18 years I thought that I knew Excel well!

I do know Excel very well but this book has blown me away with its explanations of every single function in Excel 2010. I haven’t read every page but the tips and insight into each function is amazing.

I will be using this book as a reference for a long time to come and continue to discover new functions and uses for functions on every read.  Highly recommended as a reference book and also a great challange to learn something new for those experienced Excel users out there.

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A Rewarding Day

My training session today reminded me of the importance of a few of the fundamentals of training.

Firstly that preparation of your materials makes delivery easier.  You cannot train what you don’t know!

Secondly the importance of having enthusiasm for the fact that the things being learnt are relevant to the learners and reminding them of this.

Thirdly that learners saying thank you and that they enjoyed the training course is rewarding and energising to the trainer.

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My Review of Microsoft® Visio® 2010 Step by Step

Originally submitted at O’Reilly

The smart way to learn Microsoft Visio 2010-one step at a time!

Great book on Visio 2010

By Hit F1 from Australia on 2/8/2012


5out of 5

Pros: Easy to understand, Helpful examples, Concise, Accurate, Well-written

Best Uses: Student, Novice, Expert, Intermediate

Describe Yourself: Educator

This is one of the best software manual and reference book that I have used.

With all the changes to Visio 2010 is was a great source of information both in the book and through the internet references in the book.

The book has both a throrough level of detail on the program, tricks to watch out for and whether a feature was new or enhanced or renamed. It also made sure you knew what version of Visio 2010 that a feature exists in. This was especially handy.

The book also makes mention of renamed features in the 2010 version of Visio.

The author certainly knows his stuff.


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Hello world!

Welcome to Steve Treble’s blog.

Steve is the owner of Hit F1 Training & Consulting.

At my blog I will post articles and information on training and reviews of training products from time to time.  I will also post photos and stories from my travels.



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